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(Satire) People Identifying as Latinx Launch Accusations of Cultural Appropriation, Hispanics Blamed

It was reported on Oct. 4, by @provorancheritos that Provo, Utah would be losing its Rancheritos location. The Rancheritos, located just steps away from Fat Cats, has been stripped of its signage and furnishings. For a month, the Provo Rancheritos location will be under remodeling.

The memorial service was announced and BYU students dressed in black planned to attend. That is, except for the those who identified as Latinx. As they heard about this, they took to social media, outraged that Racheritos was being culturally appropriated by students holding an American funeral.


When the Cougar Chronicle approached one of these people for comment, they responded under terms of anonymity that, “dressing in black and reading poems are all American funeral traditions." They then added that, "We cannot allow for this appropriation of and disrespect of Rancheritos."

Those identifying as Latinx took to social media, tweeting and retweeting about their disappointment in the Hispanic, black, and white community members who participated in this event. However, they said they did "not want to accuse the Hispanic population of white supremacy" so they said that they had instead "internalized their racism."

There were at least one hundred in attendance, all desiring to pay their respects after years of 1am runs for Carne Asada Fries Burritos, a campus favorite. Film of the event was obtained by the people identifying as Latinx from the @provoracheritos Instagram page, and they have attempted to get the page banned from social media.


President Worthen, although not directly involved in the formation of the event, paid his respects through a special edition of “My View From BYU.” In the video, he advocated for peace and remembrance for the Provo location of Rancheritos. At the end of the video, he encouraged all students to buy starving student cards so that they could support the establishment after it got back up on its feet.

One can only speculate what the remodeling will do to the reputation of Rancheritos. After its brand has been dragged through the mud by this event, it may never regain its respect from those identifying as Latinx.

There have been reports from a trusted source that a sit-in of at least two will take place by the people identifying as Latinx at the building to prevent the remodeling in fears that it will be culturally appropriated more. This story will be updated accordingly.

The exagerated views and reporting expressed in this piece are merely jokes. If you believed this was real, you really need to get out more.

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